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Tokyo FRUiTS @ Japan Foundation Sydney 2017

Group exhibition, August to September 2017.

With Shoichi Aoki, FRUiTS magazine.

Co-produced with the Japan Foundation Sydney.

From colourful decora to neo-goths and cyber-punks, influential street fashion publication FRUiTS Magazine told stories from Harajuku, the creative centre of Tokyo fashion, for over twenty years.

The Tokyo FRUiTS exhibition mapped the myriad of trends and multiple identities of Tokyo fashion, through a selection of photographs from the publication. The exhibition featured an immersive installation of a Harajuku room, produced by researcher Megan Rose.

Developed in 1997 in response to Harajuku’s bourgeoning experimental street fashion boom, FRUiTs magazine (led by photographer Shoichi Aoki) documented the colourful characters that defined the creative and fun identity of Tokyo’s youth culture.

Twenty years on, the palette of street fashion has evolved to a simpler aesthetic, with a stronger Western influence, and the FRUiTs publication drew to a close. This exhibition traces the movement from Decora girl gangs, Lolita, and Urahara kei, through to the more recent trends of Neo Gyaru, Nu Goth, and the Simple Boom.

Photography by Pixel Perfect.

English 日本語