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Rainbow ecologies

Rainbow Ecologies


Linen, glass beads, sequins, felt, wool and found objects

A collaborative artwork with Tomoko Konoike as part of the Stitching Wonder Project, supported by the Festival of the Fantastic in Australian and Japanese Arts.

Exhibited the Birth of Seeing, at the Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art, 3 Nov 2022 to 9 Jan 2023.

Stitching Wonder forms part of Konoike’s Storytelling Table Runner Project (2014 to present). Konoike illicits a personal story from someone she meets while travelling. She then draws sketches of these stories, and invites both the storyteller and her team of artists in Akita prefecture to transform these drawings into textile works.

Rainbow Ecologies is Konoike and Megan’s collaborative work. After listening to Megan’s story of living with a flock of rainbow birds, Konoike drew some sketches and invited her to create a textiles work to bring the story to life. Megan has used soft felt applique, rainbow faux fur and glittering sequins and beads to capture the intimacy and vitalities of her entanglements with nature in her home.

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