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Future pets

Supervisors: Deborah Lupton, David Eastwood

Project date: 2022 to present

This arts-based research project explores the creative potentials and social impacts of care and entertainment animal robots. While robot mascots like PARO the seal and AIBO the dog are well known figures in popular culture, other robots such as the Joy for All cat or QOOBO cat-tail pillow are being released to mainstream markets as support devices to promote well-being.

This research explores the potential impact these robots will have on our everyday lives, as well as the diverse relationships we form with them. Described as the health sectors ‘great invasive species’ what are the potentials for harm and healing through this technology?

Research activities include:

  • Art-led enquiry and production of artworks and exhibitions about robot animals
  • Interview-based research and creative workshops with users
  • Research into popular ‘cyberpet’ toy cultures across contemporary history, including Tamagotchi and Furby

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